TMAX-Battery Housing
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Tmax-Battery Housing

The high-temperature resistant battery housing for lithium-ion systems

Highest temperatures under control. 

Increased fire protection with Tmax-Battery Housing.
In the event of a failure, lithium-ion batteries can reach temperatures of more than 1000 °C. This overheating can lead to fire. Secure casing of these high-performance batteries helps to keep the temperature under control and to ensure safety for both people and machines. Our extensive experience with high-temperature insulations enables us to make a valuable contribution to the safety of battery systems.

The functionality
To protect lithium-ion batteries against fire, it is not enough to just develop high-temperature insulation. Instead the temperature must be monitored permanently. This is why the Tmax-Battery Housing has thermal management with high-performance cooling.
The insulated housing reliably protects the battery from external influences, such as water, extreme temperatures, dust or vibrations. If there is a strong increase in pressure, the burst valve opens and thus prevents a possible explosion. The valve automatically closes when the pressure drops.

The benefits
| Resistant to high temperatures
| Modular and scalable design
| Easy to maintain assembly
| Pressure balanced
| Long lifetime thanks to integrating temperature control components
| Splash proof
| Resistant to stone impact
| Dust protected
| Maximum safety in case of accident
| Optimal temperature control provides:
    | Extended battery range
    | Longer life cycle
| Operational safety

T-max-Batteriegehäuse: ein modulare und skalierbare Auslegung ist möglich.

The proof
The Tmax-Battery Housing offers reliable protection
What does the Tmax-Battery Housing do? Our simulation shows a clear temerature difference. 

Thermal Simulation of a battery system

The videos show the difference between a lithium-ion battery with and without Tmax-Battery Housing.

During "thermal runaway", the battery’s end temperature is over 1000 °C. The Tmax-Battery Housing protects the environment.

At high outside temperatures, the Tmax-Battery Housing reliably protects against external influences, such as fire on the bottom of the housing.

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  • Maximum safety in case of accident
  • Optimal temperature control provides
  • Extended battery range
  • Longer battery life cycle
  • Operational safety