Safety without compromise



Tmax-Retrofit, the durable all-round solution for the insulation of older marine engines, sets new standards for safety and efficiency.

Safety should not depend on the age of the engine

The same is true for both older and newer vessels: safety on board is top priority and compliance with safety regulations is essential regardless of the age of the engine. In the engine room, where temperatures are highest, the risk of overheating is at its most intense and reliable fire prevention is vital. As 3D details are often not available for older engines, retrofitting with SOLAS-compliant high-performance insulation systems has only been possible to a limited extent until now.

With Tmax-Retrofit, older engines can now be efficiently upgraded with high temperature insulation systems which not only meet but also exceed SOLAS standards.

6 steps to 100% SOLAS compliance

The Tmax-Retrofit all-in-one package provides customers with a comprehensive service, from the preparation of the engine’s 3D profile to the thermography of the new developed and installed insulation system. This involves of course needs assessment and, if necessary, cooperation with the engine manufacturer.

Stay tuned and lear more about the first two steps to 100% SOLAS compliance on June, 23rd 2018.

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